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With our cheerleader awards, you can honour the achievements of your dancers on the sideline.

Cheering dancer of precious metals

Special achievements deserve particular honours. Reward successful dancers and acrobats, which provide a lively atmosphere in every stadium, with our cheerleaders figures. The athletes can put these as a reminder in their show case; These trophies are also a beautiful jewelry for your club house. Friends and relatives, who perform a presentation at a birthday party or wedding, appreciate a trophy as a reward for their commitment aswell.

Cheerleader figures as reward

Honour your dancers with a high quality and customized trophy, indicative at their discipline: The trophies show a successful cheerleaders with their typical skirts and pompons. All our trophies are mounted on sturdy pedestals, which can be provided with fine engravings.

High quality trophies made of durable materials

Our trophies consist of proven materials such as metal, wood and polyresin. The figures are detailed and the every plate will be engraved professionally.

Figures in various executions

We offer cheerleader figures in a silver-, bronze- and gold-coloured design with a metal base in graduated sizes. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge. This category contains a trophy, which illustrates the typical facilities of cheerleading with whistle and PomPon.

Discover our cheerleader figures and make the athletes a personal gift!

You want rather buy trophies, medals oder honorary awards with one of our standard centre discs?
Then the following standard centre discs in gold, silver and bronze colours are available to you free of charge!

Standardemblem Cheerleaders - goldfarben Standardemblem Cheerleaders - silberfarben Standardemblem Cheerleaders - bronzefarben

Instead of sport trophies or trophies, you have with the following motives the possibility lasered wooden plates, glass awards or glass medals, wooden medals, acrylic medals individually according to your wishes to laser.
Standardmotiv Cheerleading Stunts Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Dance Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Jump Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Jump I Standardmotiv Cheerleader Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Jump II Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Dance Standardmotiv Kinder Cheerleaderin Dance Standardmotiv Cheerleaderin Jump III Standardmotiv Cheerleader I Standardmotiv Kinder Cheerleaderin Dance I Standardmotiv Kinder Cheerleaderin Jump Standardmotiv Kinder Cheerleaderin Dance II Standardmotiv Kinder Cheerleaderin Dance III