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Ice Hockey

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In this category we offer special and noble ice hockey figures for your victory ceremonies.

Your award for outstanding performances

The beautiful ice-hockey figures are suited wonderfully to reward top performances in ice hockey. Your club members will love our ice-hockey awards. These sport figures are a popular alternative to traditional trophies.

Large selection of ice hockey figures

In this category you can discover a multiplicity of awesome figures for your ice-hockey victory ceremony. Our figures show various replications of ice-hockey players in different sizes. These figures are made of plastic or metal. Both materials are stable, which garantee a long enjoyment of your beautiful figures. At our metal figures you can choose between a gold-, silver- and bronze-coloured design.

Individual and free engraving

All figures are mounted on a large base, which offers enough space for an individual engraving. The engraving plate and the engraving are free of charge. For questions regarding our assortment or about your purchase, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will advise you.

You want rather buy trophies, medals oder honorary awards with one of our standard centre discs?
Then the following standard centre discs in gold, silver and bronze colours are available to you free of charge!

Standardemblem Eishockeyspieler Standardemblem Eishockey

Instead of sport trophies or trophies, you have with the following motives the possibility lasered wooden plates, glass awards or glass medals, wooden medals, acrylic medals individually according to your wishes to laser.
Standardmotiv Eishockey Helm Standardmotiv Eishockeyspieler Standardmotiv Eishockeytorwart Standardmotiv Kinder Eishockeyspieler Standardmotiv Eishockeyspielerin