Loyalty pays off

We are convinced that customer loyalty should be rewarded.
Therefore we decided to introduce a discount system, incipient at the January 15, 2009.
It would be the best for the customer, if you could save money directly at ordering and do not have to redeem any points within the next 6 months. So we decided to introduce the following system:

All orders in our shop since 07 December 2007, which have been completed, are automatically taken into account.
Depending on the sales you will get special discount rates on your future orders.
discount rate in percent
minimum turnover in EUR
1.000,00 €
2.500,00 €
5.000,00 €
10.000,00 €
15.000,00 €
20.000,00 €

Please note that the reached discount level is for the next order and can not be counted towards rear orders.
If the order is returning the discount scales will be adjusted and recalculated, if necessary.

The gross contract value inclusive shipping charges counts for the discount calculation.

Products with customer specific prices and special designs are excluded from our loyalty discount.