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Prepayments are made by bank transfer.
When ordering in advance, you will get an pro forma invoice by e-mail, which includes our bank details, your order number and your customer number.
As purpose please insert your customer number and your order number.

Once the payment has been credited to our bank account, your delivery will be sent as soon as possible.

Please note: The receipt of payment can take 1-5 days, depending on the day and speed of each bank.

Paying by prepayment will receive you a 3% discount on the gross turnover of the respective order.

Our bank accounts:

Name of the bank: Sparkassse
Account owner: Helm Trophy GmbH
IBAN: DE03 5325 0000 0030 0037 09 for copy & paste (DE03532500000030003709)

Name of the bank: Commerzbank
Account owner: Helm Trophy GmbH
IBAN: DE13 5324 0048 0104 1490 00 for copy & paste (DE13532400480104149000)