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Do you love animals and do you have a farm or a few pets at home? Then have a look for the right cup for you and your friends.

Cups with figures
Are you looking for a suitable gift for all animal lovers? We have a large selection of trophies in this category around the theme of animals. You can choose between different trophies with different animal figures and different figure colors. The animal figures on the lids are available in the colors gold, silver and bronze and are therefore very good to honor the best animal breeder or the best animal breeder. But also as a gift for in between to make a pleasure to others, the trophies are particularly well. The trophies are perfect for those who love animals and like to take care of them and deal with them. With these trophies you can also honor special skills or achievements in the field of animal husbandry and show others that you are proud. You can also give away the animal trophies in between to give something special to others. The trophies are well received by everyone and always make a good impression. With these trophies you can not go wrong, they are a real eye-catcher at every event and every event around the topic of animals.

Individuality through engraving
According to your wishes, the trophies can be provided with a free engraving. You can enter the engraving text, in each article, in the engraving text field provided for this purpose.