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Victory figure Victor metallic optic 26,5cm
average reviews: Victory figure Victor metallic optic 26,5cm
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Victory figure Victor metallic optic 26,5cm
The winning figure Victor consists of a plastic figure in metallic look and a wooden base in mahogany colours. It has a size of 26.5cm (figure including base) and a weight of approx. 324 g.

Due to its unusual design, the figure is particularly suitable as a gift for an anniversary, a birthday or a special occasion. Since the figure can be engraved for free according to your wishes, each figure is unique.

These figures may not be offered as "OSKAR"; "OSKAR" is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California, USA.
This figures should not be sold as an "OSCAR"; "OSCAR" is a trademake for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California, USA

pedestal size:   7,0x7,0x5,0 cm
base pedestal material:   wood
base pedestal colour:   mahogany-coloured
plate width:   6,5 cm
plate height:   2,0 cm
plate material:   two-layered acrylic or metal
plate colour:   gold-coloured
figure size:   21,0 cm
figure material:   synthetic
figure colour:   gold-coloured metallic optic
total weight:   324 g
  total height:   26,5 cm
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